Yvan Bedard photographic laboratoryThis is my setting in my photo labMy Lenovo Workstation drives this Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer and two calibrated 30" NEC MultiSync displays. I mostly use Breathing Color products for my archival quality fine art prints as well as High Longevity prints.

 F r a n ç a i s  

To provide the best quality and authenticity, and to offer a piece of art entirely made by the artist, I print myself all photographs. You can buy carefully selected fine-art prints at the Art Gallery "Chez Alfred Pellan" in Quebec City (Alfred Pellan was one of the greatest artists in Canada). You can also order them (1) on-line on this web site, (2) by contacting me directly or (3) at one of the exhibitions and art fairs I participate to.

If you want a precise size for a given wall, don't hesitate to contact me and I will print your photography to your exact dimensions.

Price of highest-quality artist-made authentic fine-art prints

PRICE: $ unframed / framed (Canadian dollars)

Nominal Size

Maximum printed dimension


Regular Edition

Limited Editions


Deluxe Exclusive
(archival quality)

12" x 18"

paper or canvas $125/$200 $200/$275 $275/$350
24" x 36" paper or canvas $300/$450 $450/$600 $600/$750
(very large)
depending on image and mounting paper or canvas $400 and +
$600 and +
$600 and +
​/$800 and +
$800 and +
​/$1000 and +
Miniature 8" x 10" paper $55 (matted 11" x 14" ready to frame)
Collector's Miniature 8" x 10" fine art paper
$255 (archival quality frame with anti-reflective UV-protection glass)
(1) Other media available for special orders (e.g. aluminium, acrylique, metal).
(2) Prices are for high longevity print; archival quality prints are available for 25% extra cost
Panorama format : price determined by length (e.g. 8"x 21" is Gallery size, 20"x 48" is Museum size)
Diptych, triptych, and other mountings : price on demand
I print to the custom size you want
  • I print my photographs with very expensive archival-quality pigment inks on a pro-level large printer.
  • The media I use are also of archival quality or long-lasting quality, they are expected to last for several decades. For comparison purposes, commercial prints on lower-cost photo paper or canvas start loosing contrast, showing fading colors or turning yellowish after only a few years while my prints in the same situation would last several times longer. 
  • I add an archival-quality varnish when needed to protect and increase the longevity of the archival quality prints, leading to the best possible giclées on the market.
  • Such prints are acid-free, fade-resistant and give vibrant colors.
  • They keep their qualities beyond the life of the buyer under optimal conditions of presentation and conservation.
  • This is the museum favored solution.
  • Every print I make is hand-signed.
  • Every print I make (except miniatures) has a uniquely-numbered holographic seal on its back and on its Certificate of Authenticity. These holographic seals are unreproducible and cannot be removed without tearing in pieces. This is an additional way to differentiate my authentic prints from illegal copies. 
  • The  photographs sold unframed in a presentation mat fit standard sizes frames.
With my professional printer, pigmented inks, carefully selected papers and canvas, and my printing process, I deliver fine-art prints you can admire for several decades and which clearly show a level of quality superior to batch-made low-cost commercial prints! You truly get fine-art products you can be proud to display, to offer or to sell.

I ship unframed photographs everywhere in the world !