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Regular Series Signature Deluxe
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Also available: Collector's Miniatures without most of the characteristics below
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Maximum number of prints
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unlimited 10 per size
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Completely produced by the artist Yes Yes
Certificate of Authenticity Yes Yes
Hand signed Yes Yes
Unique pair of holographic seals Yes Yes
Framing and conservation instructions Yes Yes
Artist profile provided Yes Yes
High-quality fine art print, great longevity of the print Yes Yes
Archival quality fine art print + $100 + $100
Certificate of authenticity on archival quality paper Yes Yes
Certificate of archival quality Yes when appropriate Yes when appropriage
History of the photograph (or of the series) - Yes


6 points
Price (details)
$125 to $500 +
$250 to $850 +


The Regular Edition includes the majority of my photographs and is the most popular. It is the edition which offers you the largest choice. These photographs have been meticulously selected among thousands of photographs I have made in the World. It is an open edition, meaning I can make an unlimited number of prints.

The Series are small sets of photographs resulting from a project where photographs share commonalities and make a coherent body of art works. It can be the topic, the perspective, the place, the color, the event or a feeling. They can be bought individually or in sets of two, three or even more for collection purposes or for decoration (ex. for a triptych or to have homogeneity in a room, a corridor, a group of offices). Series can be Open Editions or Limited Editions. In the latter case, the number of prints is limited to 10 for each of the 3 larger sizes (not for Miniatures). For art collectors, it is interesting to invest in several photos of a same series.

The "Limited Signature Edition" offers a personal selection of photographs conveying a specific meaning for me because of the rarity or the intensity of the moment when they were made, or because they were particularly difficult to make, or because they correspond to rare situations that depend on unique combinations of tides, temperature, sun position, natural phenomena, etc. They represent various aspects of my artistic vision without necessarily belonging to a unique theme. The number of prints is limited to 10 per size (S, M, L) (excluding Miniatures) and each photo come with its unique story. 

The "Exclusive Deluxe Edition" offers a highly personal selection of photographs specific to my favorite theme: "rock morphology, witness of times". This theme is deeply introspective for me, it reveals my vision of the world and my personality better than any other theme. Do you want to know why? If yes, click here. The number of prints of these photographs is limited to a very small number (except for Collector's Miniatures). Furthermore, these photographs include unique additional characteristics to make a better investment. And if you want a fine-art print to be unique and 100% exclusive , contact me!

At this point, it is important to know that my prints of a photograph are made individually, not in batch, and differ greatly from the traditional lithographic reproductions used by painters or some photographers. Every print I make is an original work of art as are photographs made by the masters in the history of photography. As they did, I sometimes modify slightly the visual appearance of a local contrast, a color, sharpness or I simply print the photo at a different size. As they did, I may change the media used for printing according to my artistic vision or the demand of the art buyer. Consequently, a same photograph can be found on textured canvas, smooth canvas, textured fine-art paper, smooth fine-art paper and can be printed with a different format (e.g. 24"x30" or "24"x36") following my vision or the demand of the art buyer. Every print is hand-signed with inherent differences in handwritings and signature positions; such differences clearly indicate the uniqueness of each print.

You want a custom-size print? It will be my pleasure to make it! Contact me!


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