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You know your personal tastes better than anyone. As an art-lover, when you search for a work of art that has meaning, helps you relive great memories, or touches your inner soul in ways you can't express in words, you know that any piece of art you choose isn't "just a photograph" in your eyes.


Yvan Bédard fine-art landscape photographerYvan Bédard, fine-art landscape photographerI started using 35mm cameras in the mid-1970s.

No photograph is ever "only a pretty picture". You are fascinated by the story behind the work of art, and the creative process through the passion of the artist?

This story is a vital component of every image to me too, as the artist. I'm a witness of landscapes and I love to communicate about their beauty, what meaning they convey in me and how I made a photograph. 




As kindred spirits, perhaps we share the same love of life at the boundary of the world's inhabited spaces, of amazing places on Earth and the wonderful landscapes of Quebec. Maybe your travel experience intersects with mine!

Saintt-Raymond, Québec, CanadaI was born in St-Raymond (Quebec, Canada), at the boundary of inhabited areas, thousands of square kilometers of wild forests and fantastic landscapes.

Bass Harbor lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine, USAI did my PhD in Maine (USA), within one hour from the famous Acadia National Park. Quebec City Chateau FrontenacI did my career as a university professor and researcher in Quebec City. Recently, I retired and moved away from my R&D passion to embrace my passion for photography. Some would say it is quite a change going from science to art, but I reply them that I only changed my type of tripod [from surveying to photography tripod].

With a background in sciences, a life-long contact with nature, a love affair with art and a career in teaching, I take great pleasure in sharing my artistic workflow and the reasons why I created a given photograph in a specific way. Furthermore, we can share memories of the good old days of film photography, as well as discuss the most recent trends in digital cameras and fine-art printing. 

As an Emeritus University Professor, an awards-winning researcher/entrepreneur and the author/co-author of over 500 communications worldwide, I have learned how rewarding a friendly conversation is. I love to share knowledge with people from various backgrounds, cultures and ages.

Sharing knowledge and teaching has been my primary profession. Prestigious award for excellence in teaching. Prestigious award for technological innovation One example of a prestigious award for a successful carreer and contribution to Society.

Now that I dedicate myself to the fine art landscape photography of Quebec, North America and Europe, nothing makes me happier than to share my passion for high-quality fine-art prints with you, my passion for beautiful scenes and the serenity they provide.

Neuville, Quebec, CanadaI live in Neuville, Canada. Neuville is on the shore of the St-Lawrence River, in Portneuf County. Located in the greater area of Quebec City, this region is very rich in history and natural wonders.

If wildlife and birds are your passion, we have additional points in common! Marais Provancher, Neuville, Quebec, CanadaI love wildlife photography, especially bird photography in Leon Provancher Natural Reserve which is located behind our house. It is a favorite place of our family.

As you know, art is about beauty, feelings and the soul. I've experimented with various types of art in parallel to photography, but the arrival of digital photography at the beginning of this millenium turned out as my favorite way of revealing the beauty of our world. So, I'll be thrilled to chat with you about my artistic vision and photographic ethics, how photography can convey certain feelings and impact my artistic mission .

My love affair with art also included horticulture as shown by this view on my backyard garden.   Watercolor by Yvan BedardMy love affair with art has included watercoloring, drawing and sculpture. In this 29"x16" watercolor (dry paper technique), I imagined a scene with my oldest daughter and my pregnant wife on the shore of the Saint-Lawrence River. This was a surprise gift to my wife when she gave birth to my second daughter.


If you're looking for beautiful art that adds a sense of atmosphere to your home or office, I will gladly help you select the right scene, a limited edition, or a series of fine-art photographs. Art adds atmosphere, personality and value everywhere!

Want to see some of my work live? Please contact me to inquire about my next solo and group exhibitions, art shows or art gallery attendances.


A view of my photography laboratory showing computer equipment, pro printer, book shelves and working table. Not shown are boxes of printing media and pre-cut mats, prints filing cabinet, photographic equipment closets, etc.
Not sure how to choose the right printing media or framing for your needs? I'm here to help every step of the way, which is one reason why so many people from Canada, the USA and Europe possess my photographs. 

You are interested to use one of my photographs for publicity, greeting cards, magazines, newspaper, books, websites, social network or smartphone apps? We can talk about digital licenses as I have experience with all such usages.


Finally, if you are a non-profit organisation related to the environment or education, I always make my best to support you. 


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