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Art is about beauty, feelings and the soul.

You know your personal tastes better than anyone. As an art-lover, when you search for a work of art that has meaning, helps you to relive great memories, or touches your inner soul in ways you can't express in words, you know that any piece of art you choose isn't "just a photograph" in your eyes. 

You are fascinated by the story behind the work of art, and by the creative process through the passion of the artist? This story is a vital component of every image to me too, as the artist. I'm a witness of beautiful landscapes and I take great pleasure in sharing my artistic workflow and the reasons why I created a given photograph in a specific way. I love to communicate about what meaning these photographs convey in me. You will discover these stories when we will have a friendly discussion or when you order one of my limited editions fine-art prints.



Yvan Bedard photographerYvan Bédard, PhD, Professor Emeritus

I'm a man of science, nature and art, and those who know me will say that first of all, I'm a man of passion.

I have printed my digital photographs, exhibited my art, sold fine art prints and taught photography for over a decade. Furthermore, we can share memories of the good old days of film photography. 

I'm an awards-winning Emeritus University Professor, international author and lecturer.

Now that I dedicate myself to the fine-art landscape photography of Quebec, North America and Europe, nothing makes me happier than to share my passion for high-quality fine-art prints with you, my passion for beautiful scenes and the serenity they provide.

If you're looking for beautiful art that adds a sense of atmosphere to your home or office, I will gladly help you select the right scene, a limited edition, or a series of fine-art photographs. Art adds atmosphere, personality and value everywhere!



Like several of you, I love nature because I was born, raised and always lived close to great landscapes. But, unlike many, the village of my childhood was at the boundary of inhabited areas and our backyard was next to millions of hectares of wild forests and fantastic landscapes.

St-RaymondMy birthplace: St-Raymond, Quebec, Canada

Working outside, exploring rural and forested areas throughout the Province were key ingredients of my university studies and summer jobs in surveying and mapping. Similarly, my PhD studies took place in a US forested area within one hour from the Atlantic coast. This is when I bought my second 35mm camera.

My career as a university professor took place in the wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Quebec City, only 30 minutes away from wildlife, natural reserves, bird migration paths, whale watching and 300+ years rural areas. If you have not yet visited this highly romantic city and the surroundings, let me know when you come as I may help you to get your best photographs of the region. 

Bass Harbor lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine, USAThe region of my doctoral studies: Acadia National Parc, Maine, USA     Quebec City Chateau FrontenacThe city where I work: Quebec City, Canada

I live with my family in Neuville, one of the oldest villages in North America (1682). It is located on the North shore of the Saint-Lawrence River, half-an-hour from Quebec City where 6m tides are the rule (18'). Some of you will consider that I'm lucky to have my backyard next to the Leon Provancher Natural Reserve where more than 200 species of birds have been observed as well as wildlife. So, if bird photography is one of your passions, we have an additional point in common that I can help with!

Neuville, Quebec, CanadaMy village: Neuville, Quebec, Canada.

Marais ProvancherBehind my house: Leon Provancher Natural Reserve


Nature courses through my veins, it is the source of my inspiration and it raises my consciousness. If you are like me, you have probably also traveled to amazing places on Earth, looking for those magical places that make incredible photographs.



I have experimented with various types of art in parallel to photography (drawing, painting, watercoloring, sculpting), but the arrival of digital photography at the beginning of this millenium turned out as my favorite way of revealing the beauty of our world and to combine my love for art, nature and technology. Photographic images have the unique power to show magnificient scenes of our world, sneaking light, shapes, textures and colors. Photographic images have the capacity to show with force and subtlety intangible moments and the indescribable beauty around us.

You and I know that a great community of passionate photographers exists. We can find support in web sites, discussion fora, books, magazines, videos, on-line courses and international workshops. I learned a great deal from colleagues and masters in our field. Nevertheless, I mostly learned on my own the workflow from digital cameras to fine art printing.

As kindred spirits, perhaps we share the same love of communication with others who share our passion for photography. Based on my experience as the author/co-author of over 500 communications worldwide in geomatics engineering (geospatial information science), I strongly believe into the richness of sharing human experiences with people of various cultures, ages and backgrounds. Sharing is learning; learning is improving.

Myself in the field (photo by Pierre-Martin Marotte)

Maybe you love photography for reasons that are similar to mine? Traveling the world, being in the field with my equipment, slowing down to feel the spirit of a place, paying attention to details, living the present time, admiring the beauty of nature and letting emotions coming in are crucial to my way of photographing. Realizing myself an entire piece of work including the final print with the best methods, tools and material is very stimulating. Always being in the process of learning in a fast-moving domain is exciting. Delivering top-quality prints that struck one's sentimental chord is the ultimate gratifying outcome. 

I make photographs to relive privileged moments and to share with you my feelings about the beauty of nature.

As you may guess, I love photography because it is a creative process that allows you and me to vibrate in a unique way.



Want to see some of my work live? Please contact me to inquire about my next solo and group exhibitions, art shows or art gallery attendances.

My photography laboratory

"Spring Serenity", Private collection












You want to buy one of my fine-art prints but are not sure how to choose the right printing media or framing for your needs? I'm here to help of the way, which is one reason why so many people from Canada, USA and Europe possess my photographs. 

You are interested like others to use one of my photographs for publicity, greeting cards, magazines, books, web sites, calendars, social networks or smartphone apps? We can talk about digital licences as I have experience with all such usages in Canada, United-States, France, Great-Britain and Japan. 

You are interested to see how I make my photographs in a learning context? I offer workshops in English and in French in addition to teaching classes in French, preparing on-demand custom photography guides based on your tastes and constraints, and offering tips and tricks on Facebook (in French), and examples of wall decoration on Pinterest.

You can also see my work when I volunteer for environmental and local organizations thru my photography.