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Welcome to this page! It is with great pleasure that I share with you some information about the origins of my involvement as a fine-art photographer.



I'm a man of science, nature and art, and those who know me will say that first of all, I'm a man of passion.



I'm a fine art landscape photographer who started using 35mm cameras in the mid 1970s. Born in a village at the boundary of inhabited areas (Saint-Raymond, Quebec, Canada), my backyard was next to thousands of square kilometers of wild forests and fantastic landscapes.

St-RaymondSt-Raymond, Quebec, CanadaI was born there, at the convergence of the Valleys of Sainte-Anne and Bras-du-Nord Rivers. In the background are endless mountains for hundreds of kilometers.




During my university studies in Quebec City, I had the chance to work in land surveying and mapping and to explore several regions of the huge Province of Quebec. This allowed me to discover new magnificent rural and natural landscapes.





After my PhD in Maine (USA), within one hour from the famous Acadia National Park known for the beauty of its coastal scenes, I had the chance to come back to Quebec City and work as a professor and researcher at Université Laval.

Bass Harbor lighthouse, Acadia National Park, Maine, USABass Harbour lighthouse in Acadia National Parc, Maine, USAWe regularly visited this wonderful park which is very well known by landscape photographers.   Quebec City Chateau FrontenacQuebec City, CanadaThe Château Frontenac is known as the most photographed hotel in the world. Quebec City is certainly a dream city for photographers as it is a World Heritage city founded in 1608 with plenty of historical buildings and places. It is the one of the top destinations for romance in North America.


I've had a very successful career in Geomatics Engineering (Geospatial Information Sciences), received several awards and co-founded an high-tech company. I presented over 500 papers and conferences in more than thirty countries and had the chance to meet several bright people from various cultures and discover some of the nicest places on Earth. 


In spite of numerous hours of work, I always made photographs (even during my landscape gardening years and my watercoloring years). 

A view on my backyard garden.I made this garden with apple trees, rhododendrons, forget-me-not and many more plants and fruit trees to provide flowers and colors all summer. The grass path connects my small water pond to the deck where we can admire the Saint-Lawrence River.   This is one of the watercolors I made using the dry paper technique.I imagined this scene of our family on the shore of the Saint-Lawrence. I represented my oldest daughter on my shoulders and my wife when she was pregnant. This large-size watercolor was made secretly and offered as a surprise to my wife when my second daughter was born.


Recently, after 34 years of passionate university research and teaching, I decided to give priority to my other passion: photography.

Ile-aux-Basques, Quebec, CanadaInstalling my equipment to make a photograph on the shore of this island in the Saint-Lawrence River


Nowadays, I dedicate myself to the fine art landscape photography of Quebec, North America and Europe.


Coucher de soleil avec arbres et clôture en contre-jourRural scene, Region of Quebec City, CanadaI like those very old fences made of cedar. They remind the four centuries of farming in the area.


Living in the village of Neuville on the North Shore of the St-Lawrence River, in Portneuf County, I particularly like the landscapes of my region, i.e. the greater area of Quebec City, which is very rich in heritage and natural wonders (parks, natural reserves, world heritage, estuary with strong tides, etc.).




In spite of experimenting with various types of photography (e.g. events, sports, portraits), my passion for nature and the desire to share and highlight the wonders of my region are key ingredients for my specialization in fine art landscape photography.

Neuville, Quebec, CanadaThis is my wonderful village of Neuville, in Quebec, Canada.Located on the shore of the Saint-Lawrence RIver, this village is more than 300 years old and full of historical houses, farms and great scenery. This photography was taken in a windless day of November, a period of the year where the sun rises and sets on the River. With its 6 meter tides (18 feet), the appearance of its shore changes twice a day and offers several opportunities for a photographer.



I also love wildlife photography, especially bird photography in the Leon Provancher Natural Reserve located behind my house up to the shores of the Saint-Lawrence River. This reserve is a favorite of our family because we live there since the mid 1980s.

Marais ProvancherLeon Provancher Natural Reserve, Neuville, Quebec, CanadaThis is behind our family house, where I go for bird and nature photography.


I adopted digital photography in 2003. My background as a researcher in geomatics engineering was perfect to learn on my own the complete workflow from the digital cameras up to high-quality printing, including the management of tens of thousands of files, image processing, web site development, and so on.

My photography laboratoryNumerous books about photography and nature fill my shelves while my printer and computer equipment take the major part of my lab.


I've learned a lot from colleagues all over the world who contribute to various forums on photography web sites. I also own a rich collection of books, videos and notes covering several photographic topics. I'm mostly influenced by artists such as Ansel Adams, Joe Cornish,  Joshua Cripps, Patrick DiFruscia, David Duchemin, Tim Fitzharris, Michael Frye, Galen Rowell, Charlie Waite and Art Wolfe. I regularly buy several photography magazines published in Canada, France, UK and USA. I also participate to intensive trainings and workshops in the USA or on-line with photographers like Alain Briot, Michael Marriant, Nigel Merrick, Jason Odell, Jeff Schewe, etc.



My photographs are found today in houses and offices in Canada, USA and Europe. They were presented during solo and group exhibitions, art shows and in an art gallery. Finally, they were published in magazines, books (including cover pages), web sites, newspapers, calendars, publicity, greeting cards, smartphone apps, etc. You may also be interested to learn that I volunteer for environmental, scholar and cultural events and organizations.

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