Yvan Bedard photographic laboratoryThis is my setting in my photo labMy Lenovo Workstation drives this Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer and two calibrated 30" NEC MultiSync displays. I mostly use Breathing Color products for my archival quality fine art prints as well as High Longevity prints.

 F r a n ç a i s  

To provide the best quality and authenticity, and to offer a piece of art entirely made by the artist (i.e. not coming out from a commercial lab), I print myself all photographs.

My prints are offered in 4 dimensions:

Dimensions of prints

Name Example of Small Example of Large Minimum Maximum
Musée 28" x 42" 40" x 60"+ 1000 sq.inches -
Galerie 20" x 30" 24" x 36" 500 sq. inches 999 sq. inches
Studio 10" x 15" 16" x 24" 100 sq. inches 499 sq. inches
Miniature 6" x 9" 8" x 12" - 100 sq. inches
Miniatures are not counted in Limited Edition prints.


You can buy my carefully selected fine-art prints at these 4 places:

  1. by contacting me directly
  2. at the Québec Art Gallery in Quebec City
  3. at the Le Bourget Gallery in Montreal
  4. at one of the exhibitions and art fairs I participate to (subscribe to my French-written newsletter for up-to-date info).

Le Bourget Gallery34, Saint-Paul Ouest, Bureau B Montréal, Québec, Canada H2Y 1Y8 Tél : 514.845.2525 Fax : 514.845.2124 [email protected] Lundi au samedi : 10 h à 18 h Dimanche : 10 h à 17 h   Québec Art Gallery40 rue Notre-Dame, Québec, Qc, G1K 4G1 TÉL: 418.692.8200 [email protected] Open every day: 9h30-17h30

Larger prints are printed on the highest-quality canvas (archival or close-to--archival). Smaller prints are typically printed on archival quality fine art paper or photo paper of archival quality.

Other media available on demand (e.g. aluminium, acrylique, metal).

Archival quality prints include a Certificate of Archival Quality
Diptych, triptych, and other mountings available
At this point, it is important to know that my prints are made individually, not in batch, and this differs greatly from the traditional lithographic reproductions used by painters or some photographers. Every print I make is an original work of art as are photographs made by the masters in the history of photography. As they did, I sometimes modify slightly the visual appearance of a local contrast, a color, sharpness or I simply print the photo at a different size or with different format (e.g. 24x36 vs 24x36. As they did, I may change the media used for printing according to my artistic vision or the demand of the art buyer. Consequently, a same photograph can be found on textured canvas, smooth canvas, textured fine-art paper, smooth fine-art paper and can be printed with a different format (e.g. 24"x 30" vs "24"x 36") following my vision or the demand of the art buyer. Every print is hand-signed (not with the computer) with inherent differences in handwritings and signature positions; such differences clearly indicate the uniqueness of each print.
I print the custom size you want
  • I print my photographs with very expensive archival-quality pigment inks on a pro-level large printer.
  • The media I use are either of archival quality (on-demand) or long-lasting quality that will last several decades without fading or yellowing. For comparison purposes, commercial prints on lower-cost photo paper or canvas start loosing contrast, showing fading colors or turning yellowish after only a few years while my prints in the same situation would last several times longer. 
  • I add an archival-quality varnish when needed to protect and increase the longevity of the archival quality prints, leading to the best possible giclées on the market.
  • I provide Certificates of archival-quality for such prints. You then receive the best possible quality prints and the best resale value since it is museum quality.
  • My prints are acid-free, fade-resistant and give vibrant colors.
  • They keep their qualities beyond the life of the buyer under optimal conditions of presentation and conservation.
  • Every print I make is hand-signed.
  • Every print I make (except miniatures) has a uniquely-numbered holographic seal on its back and on its Certificate of Authenticity. These holographic seals are unreproducible and cannot be removed without tearing in pieces. This is an additional way to differentiate my authentic prints from illegal copies. 
  • The  photographs sold unframed in a presentation mat fit standard sizes frames.
With my professional printer, pigmented inks, carefully selected papers and canvas, and my printing process, I deliver fine-art prints you can admire for several decades and which clearly show a level of quality superior to batch-made low-cost commercial prints! You truly get fine-art products you can be proud to display, to offer or to sell.

I ship photographs everywhere in the world !

Ask for shipping and handling costs.