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Urban landscape: the famous Château Frontenac


Don't feel overwhelmed by the numerous photographic opportunities offered by this UNESCO World Heritage City, by the surrounding historic villages and buildings, the various festivals, the famous Montmorency waterfall, the ice hotel, the traditional site of the Huron natives, the charming rural areas, the national parks and natural reserves in the region.


Rocks emerging and ice cracking as the tide lowers


Discover the scenery along the shores of the Saint-Lawrence river where 18' (6 m.) tides continuously change the coastal landscape. See the magic of these tides in winter!


Don't worry about communicating with people in a French-speaking region, about security for night photography or about driving in the city and wild areas.






Snowy Owl within one hour drive of Quebec City




Inquire about the best periods and places to photograph snowy owls,  whales, razorbills, mooses, deers, bears, migrating birds and tens of thousands snow geeses.






Indian Summer in Quebec City area




Ask for the best shooting experience for every seasonincluding the famous colorful forests, Indian Summer and the fairytale winter scenes during Christmas, New Year and Winter Carnival periods. 




Street photography in Old Quebec City
Chute Montmorency en hiverLandscape: Montmorency Falls in winter

Taste Quebec City's famous "fine cuisine" and live a cultural experience in the most charming city in North America. There is no better place to improve your photography skills while having your loved ones enjoying the city!




Experience within one hour drive from your hotel:

landscape photography

street photography

event photography

wildlife photography

bird photography



Night photography before the New Year festivities.

If you want to maximize your experience in this "best kept secret" photo destination, this is the time to contact me !  

I've been a business traveler for 30 years always trying to figure out how I could maximize my photographic time in the extra 1-2 days I spent on my own in a given area. I often faced the challenge of balancing my photographic desires with my working time and family's desires. So, let me help you to have a great photographic experience while you are in Quebec City !


I can offer you these two possibilities:

  • CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTS OF QUEBEC CITY AND REGION: After personal contact via email or Skype where you explain your photographic goals, family desires and your constraints, I can prepare for you a custom list of the best spots and tips for your photography desires. For only $95, you can save a lot of preparation time and lost opportunities.
  • ONE-TO-ONE VIDEO CALL TO PLAN YOUR PHOTO SHOOTING: Sometimes, a face-to-face discussion is better than anything else to share photographic tips and tricks about specific places, festival opportunities, security, traffic, best light of the day, public transportation, tours, choice of equipment, places to rent photo equipment, etc. Contact-me so we can arrange a Skype meeting (or other platform). Only $65/hour, 30 minutes minimum.

    All fees are in Canadian dollars (Currency exchange)

LIfestyle photography: the Ice hotel bar.

Maison Grand-mère (maison Denis) de NeuvilleRural photography in the countryside of Quebec City


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