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With the Deluxe Exclusive Edition, I offer you those photographs that best reveal my artistic vision. A vision anchored in rocks, solid and stable. A vision built with irresistible lights and horizons. 

This edition best represents my inner emotions when being in nature. These scenes reconcile the two hemispheres of my brain to amalgamate realism and fascination, here and elsewhere, now and timelessness, beauty, art and science. These fine art photographs more than any other awake in me a kind of lucid consciousness bizarrely impregnated with a feeling of eternity. 

Accordingly, I take the greatest possible care to produce this edition. I personally print each photograph individually in addition to adding a part of my inner self.


The following group of 14 characteristics is unique to this edition:

1.  every fine art print is hand signed

2.  they are available only in the dimensions "Gallery" (large) et "Museum" (very large)

3.  only 30 prints will ever be made of these photographs, all dimensions and medium included (*).

4.  prints are of archival quality (inks, canvas/fine art paper, varnish)

5.  the Certificate of Authenticity is detailed and bilingual (English and French)

6.  a copy of the Certificate of Archival Quality of the print medium used is provided 

7.  a pair of holographic seals uniquely numbered appear on the print and its Certificate of Authenticity

8.  the unique story of the photograph is described

9.  the artist profile is provided

10. a custom greeting card representing the photograph is authographed by the artist and given to the buyer

11. framing and conservation instructions are supplied

12. a 6-point guarantee, including "Take one month to decide", "Two-year guarantee against accidental damages" and "Guarantee for life agains fading" 

13. a unique pricing policy to foster increased value of your acquisition

14. a database of original buyers allowing them to resell their fine art print (optional), at their own price, to buyers of a sold-out print (i.e. 30 prints sold) 




* Some photographs of the Deluxe Exclusive Edition are printed in very small formats (maximum 4"x 6") for the Miniatures for Collection edition or for greeting cards.