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With the Limited Signature Edition, I highlight another aspect of my vision of the world with very high quality fine art prints. The selected scenes embed other inspirations described in my artistic vision, i.e. intense and colorful light on the one side or hushed and soft light on the other side. These scenes take on great importance for me because they were particularly difficult to make or because they result from rare situations combining in a unique manner extreme tides, weather, sun positions, fascinating clouds, natural phenomena, etc. None of these photographs were the result of luck, they were all made very consciously during a carefully-planned photographic field trip. Some of these would be very difficult to repeat, others totally impossible. These photographs have a special appeal to me because I know their rarity. They also recall me profound feelings because I was so attentive to the time being, so present to the beauty in front of me.

I take great care to the production of this limited edition as I individually print each of these fine art photographs. The photographs of this limited edition have the following 11 characteristics:

  1. every fine art print is hand signed
  2. they are offered in all four dimensions: Souvenir (small), Studio (medium), Gallery (large) and Museum (very large)
  3. their edition is limited to 50 prints for each of the four dimensions, all medium included (*)
  4. these prints have great longevity as I use canvas, fine art papers and photographic papers carefully selected among the highest available quality products (for archival quality, add 20%)
  5. the Certificate of Authenticité is detailed and bilingual (English and French)
  6. a pair of holographic seals uniquely numbered appear on the print and its Certificate of Authenticity
  7. the artist profile is provided
  8. the unique story of the photograph is described
  9. a custom greeting card representing the photograph is authographed by the artist and given to the buyer
  10. framing and conservations instructions are supplied
  11. a 4-point guarantee, including "Take one month to decide"



(*) Some photographs may be reproduced on greeting cards